Digital Marketing Executive – Reading

My client based in Reading is seeking a Digital Marketing Executive – This is a hybrid working role.

I am looking for a creative, intelligent, highly motivated Marketing Executive with good digital experience. You will be tasked with the following roles:

  • Take over & elevate their e-mail marketing programme.
  • Assess and analyse the current marketing activities the business engages in (newsletter campaigns, promotions, social media activities), determine areas of strength and areas to be improved to then implement a strategy
  • Go through the current e-commerce site, compare vs best in breed and create a programme to improve the visual and data content of all products across the site.
  • Create and implement a system of cross-sell/up-sell opportunities throughout the site creating relationships between related and complimentary products. Create a process whereby as and when new products are added, these relationships are created at product launch.
  • Take over programme of work co-ordinating with social media advocates and influencers. Begin to create more sophisticated campaigns which add value to our products and brand.
  • Understand the key brand values and ensure they are re-enforced through all brand communications and customer interactions.
  • Understand both online and offline customer acquisition strategies the business is engaged in. Feed in with ideas on improving this and also contribute to the measurement and monitoring of success of these strategies.
  • To represent the company commercially (bidding for services or pitching for new partnerships) with clients/partners who are or may contribute to our growth strategy. Therefore will be ready to “step out of the digital box” and showcase more general marketing abilities in online and offline settings.

Skills and Experience

  • Proven Experience in Marketing
  • Proven hands-on experience with Email Marketing CRM packages : Proven hands-on experience with Email Marketing CRM packages, demonstrating a genuine passion for hands-on involvement and a track record of successful implementation.
  • eCommerce Expertise : Previous experience in the eCommerce sector, showcasing a solid understanding of industry dynamics and trends.
  • Exceptional Writing Skills : Strong written English and grammar skills, coupled with the ability to create compelling and engaging content for emails and other marketing collateral.
  • Digital Marketing Proficiency : A robust track record of initiating, implementing, and overseeing digital marketing programs from setup to comprehensive analysis and improvement of campaigns.
  • Personalised Customer Journeys : Hands-on experience in crafting personalised customer journeys both on-site and through email marketing, demonstrating a keen understanding of customer segmentation and targeting.
  • Analytical Skills : Great experience in data extraction, analysing campaigns and customer data, and presenting information relating to ongoing marketing campaigns and commercial activities to adapt strategy. Strong proficiency in Excel is essential.
  • Passion for Food and Cultural Sensitivity : A clear passion for food and an understanding of issues significant to the Muslim community, ensuring a culturally sensitive approach to marketing strategies.
  • Team Collaboration : A strong team player with excellent communication skills and organisation, adept at collaborating across departments and fostering team values to achieve desired results.
  • Graphic Design Skills : Ability to create or modify image templates for email marketing and social media using tools such as Canva, Adobe, etc.

Desirable Skills

  • Email Marketing Platforms : Experience with Klaviyo or other advanced email marketing platforms.
  • SMS Marketing Experience
  • Loyalty and Referral Programs : Familiarity with the setup and management of loyalty programs and referral initiatives.
  • Social Media and Content Creation : Experience in social media management and content creation to enhance brand presence.
  • Digital Marketing Tools : Understanding and familiarity with tools such as Adwords, Google Analytics, SEOMoz, or other analytics packages
  • SEO Knowledge : A solid understanding of SEO principles to optimise online content.
  • Paid Advertising Experience : Experience in managing Google Ads, Meta Ads, Bing Ads, etc.
  • Video Editing Skills.
  • Influencer Marketing : Previous experience in working with influencers and brand ambassadors, coordinating activities against timelines and executing seasonal marketing campaigns.
  • Experience with Shopify admin/CMS is an advantage.
  • Experience with TikTok Shop is an advantage.

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5th March 2024

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